9 Sep 2016
Researcher Dr. Natt Leelawat won the 3rd PLACE award from the Falling Walls Lab 2016 Sendai Click HERE.

20 May 2011
A collaborative research on the global tsunami hazard & risk evaluation with Willis Research Network has started Click HERE(100KB).

8 April 2011
Survey results : The Tsunami of 11 March 2011 in Tohoku, Japan Click HERE(13.7MB).

9 March 2011
Preliminary results : The Tsunami of 09 March 2011 in Honshu, Japan Click HERE. And, you can download CG files (zip) from here.Iwate(10.7MB), Miyagi(7.8MB), Tohoku1(9.1MB), Tohoku2(11MB).

24 December 2010
Tsunami Trace Database is now available to the public. Click HERE.

24 December 2010
Website of the research program 'Millennium Tsunami Hazard' is now available to the public. Click HERE.

22 December 2010
Preliminary results : The Tsunami of 22 December 2010 in Bonin islands Click HERE.

15 Norvember 2010
Preliminary results : The Tsunami of 25 October 2010 in Indonesia Click HERE.

27 February 2010
Preliminary results : The Tsunami of 27 February 2010 in Chile Click HERE.

4 October 2009
Inspection of the tsunami impacted area in American Samoa by the Integration of Tsunami Model and High-resolution satellite images Click HERE.

30 September 2009
Quick estimation for Samoa islands earthquake tsunami is released! Click HERE.

17 July 2009
Quick estimation for NZ earthquake tsunami is released! PDF file is HERE

16 June 2009
The 3rd International Tsunami Field Symposium will be held on 10-11 April 2010 in Sendai, Japan. We are planning three field trips after the symposium to learn historical and geological records of tsunamis and countermeasures in Japan.

Please visit our web page for more details.



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