Major Themes

For more then two thousend years, the Japanese have recorded the catastrophic destruction of shorelines, so the TEL in aware of the tradition, does research in several fields, including:

  1. developing with the help of numerical forecasting early warning system to alert costal residents
  2. implementing and maintaining an awarness on the indications of tsunami danger through databases, computer graphics and the result of field investigations
  3. producing tsunami hazard maps to identify areas suscepible to flooding and inundation
Research tools

Numerical Modeling
Field survey
Physical Experiment
Historical tsunami study
Evacuation Model


Here are some examples of our work:


ANIMATION:Earthquake generated Tsunami, Alaska

ANIMATION:Earthquake generated Tsunami, Nicaragua

ANIMATION:Tsunami Simulation, Sendai-bay, Japan,, cooperatively made with Applied Geology Corp.

ANIMATION:Historical Tsunami, occured 1896, Sauriku, Japan

ANIMATION:Earthquake, Chile 1960, cooperatively made with Ohbayashi Corp.

For further information please check the staff, every member of the TEL has his/her specific research