NAME: F. Imamura
BIRTHDAY: 24 September, 1961
  • March 1984 Tohoku University, B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • March 1986 Tohoku University, M.S.Eng. in Coastal Engineering
  • March 1989 Tohoku University, Dr.Eng. in Coastal Engineering
  • August 2000 ~ present Prof, Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University
  • June 1998 ~ March 2000 Affiliated Faculty, DPRI, Kyoto University
  • Oct 1995 ~ July 2000 Assoc. Prof, Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University
  • Aug1993 ~ Sept 1995 Assoc. Prof., SCE, Asian Institute of Technology
  • Dec 1992 ~ Aug 1993 Assoc. Prof., Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University
  • Jan 1991 ~ Dec 1992 Assistant Prof., Tohoku University
  • Apr 1989 ~ Dec 1990 Research Associate, Tohoku University

    Numerical tsunami simulation, warning system, Disaster prevention and evacuation system. The TEL is the only laboratory in the world that studies tsunamis from an engineering point of view. In addition to studying modern and ancient tsunamis through field surveys and analysis of historical documents, the TEL has developed a numerical simulation of tsunamis. This simulation is currently being used to develop highly accurate quantitative tsunami warnings and design characteristics of waterfront structures. The numerical simulation has been transferred to tsunami-prone countries of the world by IUGG and the IOC joint project for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction.

    Field trip to Sanriku